Kempsville PONY Baseball’s “Good Game” Statue

On April 18, 2015, Kempsville PONY Baseball dedicated a life-size statue of a KPB ballplayer on the site of the original “Pony-Colt” ballfields to commemorate more than 50 years of youth baseball played at the corner of Princess Anne Road and Kempsville Road. The player is captured in our post-game tradition of congratulating the other team on a “Good Game.”

The “Good Game” statue is surrounded by etched pavers that record a wide range of Kempsville memories over many years. While we are limited to just the number of pavers that are in place at the park, there are still opportunities to record your baseball or Kempsville memory. Every order supports the project and our youth baseball program, so please consider purchasing an etched paver!

The paver area is in the shape of a home plate and is oriented as the Pony-Colt field’s home plate was. Two different etched paver sizes are available: A standard 4” x 8” paver for a donation of $75 and a larger 8” x 8” paver for a donation of $250 or more. The 4” x 8” paver has up to three lines of text. The 8” x 8” paver has up to six lines of text. You can use up 20 characters on each line (including spaces and punctuation).

Home Plate Pavers

You can pay by printing and filling out an order form:
8x8 Paver Order Form
4x8 Paver Order Form

and mailing it with a check made out to “KPB Good Game Statue” to:

Kempsville PONY Baseball
PO Box 65243
Virginia Beach, VA 23467

For additional information on this project and to enjoy photos of the ball fields
from over the years, please visit the “Good Game” Statue Facebook page at:

If you have questions or would like to share ballfield, player, or team photos,
please send them to